Overcoming Painkillers

When I was 21, I got into a snow mobile accident that messed me up pretty good. I broke my back. And the doctor prescribed me, you know, pain killers, to help me out with the pain and, you know, so I could get better. And, I mean, I just, I was taking them as prescribed at first, and, you know, nothing was a problem.

And one day I was at a party and a friend was like, “Hey, you know, you can, you know, you can snort those.” “Oh, okay. Let’s try it.” And that was a, was a big mistake.

Seven years later I'm, I was like, I need a drug no matter what I’m gonna do, I have to do a drug first to do it, to do anything. And you know, throughout my use, come to realize what I was taking was just the pharmaceutical version of heroin, you know, it was just — it numbed me.

And then, you know, I found Narconon on the Internet and called them up and I flew out the next day and been clean since.

You know, my parents they’re really happy to, you know, finally have their son back, the one that was, you know, hard-working and honest and truthful. And they tell me all the time, "You know, Matt we’re so glad to have back. You know, the good you, that, you know, the one that we raised that know could do right." And that’s what they have now.

Narconon basically gave me my life back ‘cause I was going down a road that, you know, I was either gonna be in jail or I was gonna be dead. One of the two was gonna happen. And I’m full of life now.

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