Narconon opens a spectacular and secluded oasis on which to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

The magnificent new Narconon Ojai was dedicated Sunday, September 13, to service artists and leaders in society with the Narconon program—to help them recover from drug and alcohol addiction and achieve a life that is drug-free for good.

The center is located on a stunning hilltop estate with glorious 360-degree panoramic views that stretch from the Ojai Valley to the Pacific Ocean.

Every care has been taken to make Narconon Ojai’s facilities and service second to none. Its incomparable beauty and luxury sets it apart and provides a warm, aesthetic environment.

The Executive Director of the Association for Better Living and Education International (ABLE) officiated the grand opening ceremony. Welcoming the guests, she told them, “Today, Narconon is a global leader in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and its sole purpose is to help people lead drug-free lives. This is an era of tremendous expansion for the Narconon network and the opening of Narconon Ojai is an important step in accomplishing its mission. Step inside these doors and you enter an environment dedicated to one thing: helping people overcome addiction—for good.”

Narconon Ojai Executive Director Ms. Kathy Dion stepped to the stage. A veteran of Narconon drug rehabilitation delivery of 15 years, she stated, “I am sure most people here today have either heard of, or seen firsthand, the trap that ensues when someone goes down the dark road of drug addiction. But we have the answer at Narconon. Today as we gather here on this beautiful mountaintop, often referred to as Heaven, we have a facility where we can serve people in need of a program delivered in privacy and seclusion—to restore to them the courage to face life without drugs or alcohol and remain drug-free.”

Ms. Kelly Preston has long supported Narconon and spoke of her personal commitment to the program. For many years she has dreamed of having a Narconon as perfectly suited to artists as this one is. “Year after year we are losing our artists and colleagues we’ve worked with—often at too young an age. To make the tragedy even more distinct is the fact that we do have the solution that could have turned those lives around. We just haven’t had the location to deliver it. Until now. You don’t have to ‘always’ be a drug addict. You don’t have to ‘always’ be an alcoholic. That’s a lie. Our program works. And you can have a new life.” 


For nearly 50 years, Narconon has saved the lives of countless individuals who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Its mission is to provide an effective path for drug abuse rehabilitation and to assist society in reversing the scourge of drug abuse worldwide.

For more information on the Narconon program and our international network of centers across 50 nations, please call 1-800-737-5250.