How to Help an Alcoholic


Living with an alcoholic can be a frightening, intimidating experience. Many alcoholics become argumentative and aggressive when they drink. Fights or arguments often break out between the alcoholic and non-drinking people or worse yet, multiple drinkers. For you to get the result of an enjoyable life for yourself and the alcoholic, that alcoholic in your life will need to receive the help of an effective rehabilitation service.

If you are wondering if you have the right to live in a safe, sober environment, the answer is yes. You are strong enough to look for help, and safety and sobriety are what you deserve. You have found Narconon, an organization dedicated to helping people like you who want to see an end to the alcohol or drug abuse of a loved one. You have found a place that does not agree that an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic. In over fifty years we have seen that people given the right help do recover from addiction and lead sober, productive lives thereafter.

You are trying to find out how to help an alcoholic. Here’s our advice based on decades of experience.

Realize that it is not your fault.

Many alcoholics will escape their own responsibilities by turning the blame on whoever is close by. They may especially target those who are trying to help them. They may claim that the people who want them to stop drinking don’t understand, aren’t supportive, have bad habits of their own, or they may just be abusive without any apparent logic to it. If the person who wants the drinking to stop is too intimidated or overwhelmed to continue their efforts, then there will be no obstacle to the drinking.

Realize that the Person is not in control, the Addiction to Alcohol is.

When he decides to drink until the bottles are empty, when she decides to not come home, when he uses up all his money for alcohol, when she passes out on someone’s floor, it’s not that the person you care about is making those decisions. You might as well consider that the addiction to alcohol is making the decision. The person has lost the ability to control the habit. Do your very best not to take it personally.

Realize That the Solution is an Effective Alcohol Rehab Program, not Everlasting Patience.

It may seem like if you are just patient and give the person plenty of chances, they will come around. This is so seldom the way it goes that you can safely assume that only an effective rehabilitation program will bring about the result you want.

More Drugs—Given as Treatment in an Alcoholism Recovery Program—are Never Going to Create Sobriety.

Some rehab programs do not have an effective way of reducing or eliminating cravings for alcohol and do not know how to help a person put together that new, sober foundation for a new life. The Narconon program accomplishes this every day throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Cravings yield to the Narconon New Life Detoxification, a sauna-based action that also utilizes moderate daily exercise with nutritional supplements to activate the body’s own ability to detoxify. As a person progresses through this process, cravings often reduce and foggy thinking is clarified. Many people even say their cravings are gone when they complete this phase of their recovery.

Life skills training includes learning how poor decisions regarding friends and acquaintances damaged their lives in the past and how to make better choices in the future. The individual learns how personal values are lost and how to restore them.

The program’s goal is a drug-free individual.

Find Help at Narconon.

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Narconon is here to help you. Our ultimate goal is a drug and alcohol abuse-free world and we do this by helping people like you who are struggling with an addiction problem. Every day, we talk to hundreds of people around the world and help them understand source of the problems they are up against. Some families need a drug interventionist who will come out to the home and help bring the addicted person in for rehab. Get all your questions answered about how Narconon can help restore the brightness and joy to your home by subtracting the addiction problem that’s there now. Give us a call today.

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